60,000 tonnes of fuel saved in 2016: Etihad

60,000 tonnes of fuel saved in 2016: Etihad
Published: 20 March 2017 - 4:13 p.m.
By: Shayan Shakeel

Etihad Airways says its fuel efficiency team helped the airline save over 60,000 tonnes of fuel in 2016, amounting to a 2.5 percent improvement from 2015.

This amounts to nearly 190,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide savings, the equivalent of 1,200 flights between Abu Dhabi and London or the removal of over 40,000 cars from the road.

“There have been some encouraging results during 2016,” says Richard Hill, COO at Etihad. “I’m delighted to see so many of our pilots fully engaged with the programme, as this has ensured additional learning opportunities and the identification of new measures that can deliver greater fuel savings.”

Fuel consumption is influenced by many factors such as the aircraft and engine type, weight being carried and the duration of the flight. Aircraft such as the A380 have a maximum take-off weight of 575 tonnes, equivalent to 115 African elephants or 218 Toyota Land Cruisers. A ‘weight out’ programme implemented last year to remove or replace on board items, led to a fuel burn reduction of 1,100 tonnes of fuel per year.

Etihad is working with Abu Dhabi’s Masdar and investing in Boeing’s ‘Wind Uplink’ for weather pattern data to optimise fuel performance during flights. The airline’s efficiency improvements in 2016 exceed the global 1.5 percent emissions reduction goal that the industry has set itself. Its long term goal is for emissions to be fifty percent of 2005 levels by 2050.

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