Business image: Harjinder Singh chooses MAN

Business image: Harjinder Singh chooses MAN
Harjinder Singh, chairman of the Image Group of Companies.
Published: 10 May 2017 - 5:09 a.m.
By: John Bambridge

Harjinder Singh’s Image Group of Companies is involved in a wide range of operations across the construction and transport segments. It is currently involved in more than 200 projects in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, including groundwork for more than 60 buildings and 50 Emaar projects.

The group recently worked on a theme park project in Dubai, where it was responsible for steel, concrete and civil works, and on the construction of Dubai’s Maktoum Airport, where it was involved in the general infrastructure and utility works.

However, a common theme across all of these projects is that the success of the work has relied on the reliability of the group’s logistics fleet, which is made up of 200 MAN TGA and TGS trucks.

MAN describes the TGS as the specialist among its distribution trucks for continuous operation in numerous transport sectors, whether it’s recently dug aggregates or bricks — it delivers any heavy load to its destination.


Singh comments: “The quality of MAN trucks definitely contributes to the successful running of the business. The fuel consumption is economical thanks to the trucks’ fantastic mileage. The trucks also go on- and off-road, which makes them more flexible than some other brands.

“The workshop and aftersales support are also very good thanks to the strength of the dealership in the UAE, Darwish Bin Ahmed & Sons, with whom we have had a long-term relationship.”

One common application of the vehicles is in the collection of aggregates and black sand from Fujairah for use on construction sites in Dubai Abu Dhabi. However, since they need to pay fees every time the trucks take material from Fujairah and RAK, keeping costs down is one of the key challenges of the business.

Singh is expecting a lot from the new MAN products in 2017, including more powerful trucks, with better safety features, and as before, great fuel consumption.

He notes: “Safety features are good for business, because they help drivers be cautious and result in fewer accidents.”

The Image Group is also making use of MAN’s ProfiDrive driver training, as Singh notes: “All the drivers are taking tests before they start working based on ProfiDrive.”

All of the group’s vehicles are also equipped with telematics for tracking the fleet’s movement, monitoring driver behaviour and fuel consumption, and ensuring that the materials are being delivered in a timely manner.

On an ongoing basis, Singh also provides training for his employees through the MAN Training Centre, and if any employee needs help, the group will support it.

Practically the model customer, Singh also endeavours to keep his fleet young, renewing it every five years by selling his old trucks and purchasing the latest models.

All of this no doubt helps the group’s image, and it can’t be hurting, as the group is currently turning over $95m a year.

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