AIA targets Saudi Arabia growth

AIA targets Saudi Arabia growth
Loay Quota, from AIA's Saudi chapter
Published: 10 March 2011 - 5:22 a.m.
By: Orlando Crowcroft

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US-trained Saudi Arabian architects are being invited to join the new American Institute of Architects chapter in KSA.

The Saudi branch of the Middle East chapter of the AIA currently has only nine members in Saudi Arabia, and Loay Quota, an architect from Jeddah, wants to see that increase.

“I am still looking to figure out how many we could potentially have overall, because if they are not members in a Middle East country it is hard to figure out what their location is. They could be registered with the AIA elsewhere,” he said.

Quota says that the AIA can play an active role in Saudi Arabia, providing more training for young architects and more regulation of the industry.

“Consider that once somebody graduates in Saudi Arabia within three years he can start up his own firm. We’re trying to set a bar so that Saudi Arabian architects once they graduate have to pass more exams before they open their own offices and so on,” he said.

Quota also says that the AIA can act as a middle man for US firms looking to start up practices in the kingdom.


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