SABIC to launch new dedicated LDPE foam grade

SABIC to launch new dedicated LDPE foam grade
Polymer foams are widely used in numerous industries. SABIC has identified ‘foaming and light-weighting’ as important focus areas, where its numerous polymer-based solutions can help the entire value chain become more efficient, more sustainable and more profitable.
Published: 11 January 2017 - 2:17 a.m.
By: Martin Menachery

SABIC announced the launch of two new dedicated foam grades – SABIC LDPE HP2024JDF and HP2024NDF – for the Middle East, African, and Asian markets for physical extrusion foam, at the beginning of 2016, during the Chinaplas event.

While these grades have been successfully adopted by the market, SABIC is committed to the ongoing development of innovative solutions beyond its established foam solutions portfolio. The company, therefore, is additionally launching a new dedicated foam grade – SABIC LDPE HP0824NDF – to broaden the application window for the tapes, seals and underlayment market. The advantages of the new grade are high viscosity, giving good head pressure for uniform and thicker foam thickness, relatively higher resin density for better mechanical strength, and good compression stress as well as resilience.

SABIC LDPE HP0824NDF, which offers special benefits using various foam production processes such as physical foam extrusion, the chemical cross-linking process, as well as the bun process resulting in lightweight foams, will be launched soon. While retaining or even improving product performance, it offers material and energy savings. The new foam grade also offers benefits in thermal and acoustic insulation, cushioning and protection. By enhancements to the physical properties and foamability of the polymers themselves, SABIC is helping to improve these benefits.

According to SABIC, all the above three foam grades are less sensitive to web-breaks and foam-collapses due to high consistency and a wider operating window compared to existing materials in the market, resulting in a higher material yield during processing. These foam grades give a higher compression strength, better resilience, uniform surface and cell structure, and fewer pinholes, as well as better dimensional stability compared to existing materials, thereby offering opportunities for material savings during production.

All of these new dedicated foam grades were developed in the recently opened Foam Innovation Center of SABIC, where the company develops new polymer-based solutions that can help the entire value chain become more efficient, more sustainable, and more profitable. To provide a wider product portfolio for customers, SABIC is developing more dedicated LDPE foam grades. The SABIC innovation centre is equipped with most foam processing capabilities, as well as analytical equipment, enabling the company to carry out developments on new foam solutions, technology innovations, and collaborative projects with customers, to reduce material footprint, enable energy and cost reductions, and decrease time to market.

While polymeric foams are widely used in numerous areas that encompass building and construction, automotive, packaging, sports and leisure, and more, enhanced physical properties and excellent foamability of the polymers are key in enabling more efficient material usage and energy savings.

With more than 35 years of experience in foams and a significant share of the market for foamable polyolefins, with foam grades produced in Europe and Saudi Arabia, SABIC has put in place dedicated global business, marketing and sales teams, together with technical and compliance experts, to offer insights on customised applications and solutions with the most added value. This new set-up of SABIC will enable a more focused and faster implementation of solutions to meet the needs of customers and partners around the world.

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