Saudi youth gains a voice with OSN

Saudi youth gains a voice with OSN
Al-Jamiaa premieres today, 2015 at 10pm (KSA) on OSN Yahala HD.
Published: 30 April 2015 - 2:32 a.m.
By: Digital Production Middle East Staff

OSN is launching of a first-of-its-kind show dedicated to the largest demographic of Saudi Arabia, its youth.

The new show, Al-Jamiaa, was devised to provid a platform for Saudi youth to express their views and address big questions in a university-style setting with interactive debates and voting. It also highlights OSN’s investment in the Kingdom in original ‘made in Saudi’ content creation.

Through Al-Jamiaa, young Saudis can express their opinions on subjects that matter most to them. Tapping into a generation that is internet-savvy, independently–minded, educated and articulate, the show presents a chance for Saudi youth to confront modern-day issues in an open and transparent debating theatre.

The show will host an eclectic mix of guests including sport personalities, intellectuals, business leaders and government officials, among others. The first episode will feature former Information Minister Dr. Abdel Aziz Khoja. Al-Jamiaa will be presented by Saudi Arabia’s most popular online celebrity, the 28-year old Omar Hussein.

Khulud Abu Homos, executive vice president of programming & creative services, said: “We are focused on expanding our presence through thought-provoking entertainment shows that enrich the knowledge and understanding of our viewers. Saudi youth are tech-savvy and connected, and leverage the strong broadband connectivity and smartphone penetration to communicate their viewpoints. Through Al-Jamiaa, we are providing them a credible platform to engage in meaningful discussion on television.”

“Al-Jamiaa is a pioneering television show that aims to bring together the sharpest young minds in Saudi Arabia and get to the heart of issues that really matter. The show will have unprecedented access to public figures and aims to empower youth through meaningful dialogue, whilst offering the viewers true purpose and value.”

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