Rotana Cinema to celebrate 13th Anniversary with launch of Arabic blockbusters

  • Rotana Cinema to celebrate 13th Anniversary with launch of Arabic blockbusters
  • Rotana Cinema to celebrate 13th Anniversary with launch of Arabic blockbusters
Published: 28 December 2017 - 3:10 a.m.
By: Digital Studio Middle East Staff

As the Middle East’s first free-to-air Arabic movie channel, Rotana Cinema made a massive impact on viewers from the day it was first launched back in January first 2005. This groundbreaking channel has the largest Arabic movie library broadcasting on a free to air basis, and that helped them grow audiences through a multitude of blockbusters year after year.

As a result, the channel quickly rose in popularity, becoming the top-rated Arabic movie channel of all times, with one of the well known brand slogans in the Middle East: YOU CAN’T EVEN BLINK!

Today, Rotana Cinema is the go-to channel for the latest Arabic movies, of any genre, in any dialect. This diversity is all down to its audience’s tastes – they can catch anything from freshly screened festival movies, to the latest award-winning blockbusters to pure entertainment.

Despite the quantity of films owned by the channel, it is more than a numbers game for Rotana Cinema. Quality is always top of mind, which is why every movie is scanned and digitized for the best viewing experience before it goes on air.

Rotana Cinema now dominates social media too, offering its followers the lowdown on popular actors and their news as well as their latest movies. Rotana Cinema is looking to build on this social media success through shows like Arab Wood; a program that covers global entertainment news. This also includes cinema, theater and relevant art through exclusive interviews, news and coverage. Cinema Clip is yet another of Rotana Cinema’s successes with video clips created from movie’s soundtracks to relative scenes from the film itself.

As it grows more popular, Rotana Cinema will undergo major changes in 2018. Audiences will be treated to a great number of the latest blockbuster movies next year, complemented by cinema’s greatest hits. Viewers can look forward to films like Elbis Ashan Khargeen, Laff w Dawaran, Yabany Asly, and many more Arabic hits, outnumbering the lineup on any other movie channel in 2018. 

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