ADTH Demonstrates media watermarking and zero-data-cost mobile TV at Broadcast Asia 2018

ADTH Demonstrates media watermarking and zero-data-cost mobile TV at Broadcast Asia 2018
Published: 1 July 2018 - 6:03 a.m.

Broadcast media content protection and mobile television reception took center stage on the ADTH exhibit at the recently concluded Broadcast Asia 2018 summit. Delegate traffic to the stand was high on all three days including visitors from the entire APAC region and beyond said the company.

"Our new TOLKA Forensic Watermark technology made its Broadcast Asia debut this year and attracted a very high level of interest," says Karlton Burn, ADTH senior vice president, APAC. "Rights management has long been a concern for all content owners and is becoming increasingly important in today's IP-connected world."

"TOLKA Forensic Watermark provides a powerful complement to traditional conditional access and digital rights management systems by offering the ability to identify specific set-top boxes. It is a four-element solution consisting of a watermark server with internet access, watermark set-top-boxes, a player and an analysis workstation. Watermark analysis and decoding are performed as a cloud-based supporting service which identifies any playout devices associated with illegal use of protected content."

"The watermark server creates a digital signature specific to each customer's set-top box viewing interface. Each digital signature is encrypted securely and invisibly within the transmitted program. If content is identified as an illegal copy made from a device on a direct-to-home operator’s network, TOLKA Watermark can determine the unique signature associated with each TOLKA player."

"Our new DGI 1011 miniature DTV interface also attracted a lot of attention. This is a simple plug-in dongle which allows customers of TOLKA network operators to view free-to-air or pay-TV on mobile phones or tablet computers. Compatible with Android 5 or higher, it can receive HD or SD in MPEG-2 and MPEG-4/H.264. The DGI 1011 is also equipped to decode conditional access protected transport streams to permit the playout of secured DTV content. Viewers gain the advantage that they can watch DTV without eating into their data-subscription allowance. A miniature antenna connects straight into the dongle via a standard Type F connection."

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