Ross Video releases enhanced control interface for Virtual Production

Ross Video releases enhanced control interface for Virtual Production
Published: 19 July 2018 - 6:20 a.m.
By: Digital Studio Middle East Staff

Ross Video announced the forthcoming release of UX 4.0, the latest generation of control interface that improves the toolset for dynamically controlling virtual productions.

“UX 4.0 is building on the success of previous UX versions,” said Gideon Ferber, Director of Marketing Product Management for Ross Virtual Solutions. “We’ve added tools to make the production smarter and more dynamic while keeping the operation as straightforward and user-friendly as ever.”

UX 4.0 builds on previous versions by enhancing and improving the functionality and connectivity of all its different components – UX Track, UX Server, workflow capabilities and tracking and mounts. UX 4.0 also introduces two new major features: Visual Logic and Unreal4 Plugin.

UX Xperience is the control center application from Ross Video, featuring an intuitive touchscreen graphical user interface. The application integrates with tracking systems, keying products and real-time 3D rendering engines such as Ross Video’s XPression and Frontier.

UX’s visual logic is a new quadrant that allows users to create complex sophisticated behaviors by dragging and dropping parameters on a canvas and connecting them in a visual, node-based, method. Ross Video said the new feature doesn’t require any previous experience in code writing, while offering an extensive toolset to accommodate even the most intricate behavior.

The UX Unreal plugin allows users to feed data from UX directly into the blueprint layer of the Unreal4 engine. UX can feed data as strings, integers, floats, vectors, drive animations and meshes.

Ross Video has kept the standard features of UX intact including the ability to combine complex virtual moves and camera moves into one button events that can be triggered by Ross production switchers or OverDrive Studio Production Control with UX Events. Users can move, rotate, scale and create tween animations of objects in the scene with UX Position. Routing of movies and stills to target areas in the scene can be done via UX Router.

The UX Virtual Camera Control module (UX VCC) is a version of UX designed to provide virtual camera control for non-Ross graphics engines and user environments.

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