RTS introduces new ODIN intercom to Middle East

RTS introduces new ODIN intercom to Middle East
Published: 9 May 2018 - 11:55 a.m.
By: Pranav Vadehra

RTS conducted a regional launch event in Dubai for the ODIN OMNEO digital intercom matrix, first introduced at NAB 2018. The latest in an ongoing program of IP-focused product launches, ODIN is a major new addition to the RTS portfolio. The RTS event introduced the features of the new product and demonstrated the benefits along with the most suitable use cases for the Middle East broadcasters and system integrators who were in attendance.

The event opened with a presentation on trends in IP adoption in broadcast and media by regional IABM director Hassan Ghoul, who said efficiency and interoperability were the key concerns for broadcasters adopting IP infrastructure. Ghoul also described how the new standards for audio over IP, namely AES 67 and AES 70, will drive greater adoption thanks to improved interoperability.

Priced at Euro 7,000, the new ODIN intercom systems will begin shipping in July 2018, said RTS team at the event. Josef Penker, Sales Director, Europe, Middle East & Africa for RTS added that the product has seen a great amount of interest since its global launch, with pre-orders filling up fast. Speaking to Digital Studio ME, Penker said the new product was in line with RTS' parent company Bosch's strategy to invest in IP-capable products and address the market need for a flexible yet advanced solution at a price point suitable for smaller scale broadcast and media operations.

ODIN combines RTS' decades of experience and the latest RTS innovations into a compact single rack unit package that offers state-of-the-art IP technology along with analog connectivity. Where previous-generation digital matrix products were significantly larger and more costly to own and operate, ODIN’s feature set and form factor are designed to make a professional matrix solution more accessible and easier to use than ever before, opening up the benefits of IP-based communications for wide range of new markets and users of all levels.

Shawn Anderson, Head of product management for RTS Intercom demonstrated the major features and took questions regarding the new product from the audience. RTS emphasised the interoperability of ODIN: it can integrate into the most large-scale intercom operations with upto 128 ports in single ODIN, extending the value of the initial investment, while also providing a path for system expansion for smaller users who want to upgrade existing RTS systems to the latest technologies. Another key feature is RTS' OMNEO networking platform, which uses Dante audio over IP (AoIP) for media transport and OCA (Open Control Architecture) to control operations, ODIN can be integrated to form large-scale communication installations.

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Above: Shawn Anderson, Head of product management for RTS Intercom demonstrates ODIN features

With connectors for OMNEO IP technology, analog two-wire and four-wire, ODIN supports IP-based ROAMEO wireless systems and KP-Series keypanels, and, analog RTS legacy keypanels. Dante-enabled OMNEO is standard on RJ-45 connectors or is available using optional optical fiber connectors. Users can flexibly define ports to use any of the available connector types. As a user’s capacity needs evolve, a single ODIN can grow from the basic 16 ports to a maximum of 128 ports; up to eight ODIN units can be connected via an optical Inter-Frame Link to create a single matrix with up to 1024 ports.

Additional features include redundant power supplies and five cooling fans (two of which are redundant). The unit’s energy-efficient design uses less than 50 watts of power, minimising operating costs. The new product does not yet have full redundancy built in which will be introduced as a upgrade in 18 to 20 months said Anderson.

The front panel has a color graphical user interface based on icons to support the most common setup and configuration tasks. The AZedit and IPedit software applications have been updated to support ODIN for more complex configuration tasks. Anderson showed how all functions previously possible with AZedit software can now be executed via the front panel interface.

Sanjay Kumar, Sales Manager Middle East & Africa spoke about the typical use cases for broadcasters where the ODIN is positioned as an ideal digital intercom matrix solution. Whether the user wants to expand intercom functionality with an IP-capable system at a regional cinema or large house of worship, or whether the goal is to start streamlining a larger system’s footprint and cost of operation in SNG operations or an OB (Outside Broadcast) van or broadcast control room, or for larger scale TV studios and in live broadcast from stadium, Kumar said ODIN can deliver a full IP solution, all in one rack unit.

ODIN combines the functionality of multiple RTS technologies into one package:
• The capacity of two OMI-64 cards (64-ports each) — up to 128 channels of digital audio over IP in OMNEO format — fully compatible with Dante and AES67
• Connections for up to 16 analog keypanels
• Inter-Frame-Link connectivity for linking multiple frames together
• A powerful master controller
• Built-in connectors for analog two-wire partyline
• Redundant power supply for an extra layer of protection against failure

Additional key features:
• Compact 1RU form factor makes ODIN perfect for OB vans and other applications where space is at a premium
• Built-in Dante-enabled, AES67 / AES70-compatible OMNEO technology makes the transition to IP easy
• Single unit scalable from 16 to 128 ports
• Port expansion via software upgrade – no additional hardware required
• Up to eight units can be optically interconnected for a total of 1024 ports
• Color display with intuitive icon-based graphical user interface
• Five cooling fans (two of which are redundant)
• Two XLR-connectors for wired partyline in one of three user-selectable formats
• Energy-efficient design – each unit uses less than 50 watts of power for lower cost of ownership

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Above: ODIN deployed in the Equinox outside broadcast truck by NEP


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