BBC launches Muzlamic, its first Muslim comedy sketch show

BBC launches Muzlamic, its first Muslim comedy sketch show
Published: 8 August 2019 - 9:33 a.m.
By: Digital Studio Middle East Staff
The BBC has launched a new pilot sketch show exploring life for Muslims in modern Britain.

“Muzlamic is a brand new pilot sketch show exploring life from the perspective of two Muslim comedians, or rather, two comedians who happen to be Muslim,” the BBC said on its website and sister publication Arabian Business reported.

The show is available from July 22 on the digital-only BBC Three channel through the streaming service iPlayer.

The programme was created, written and performed by Instagram influencer Ali Shahalom and stand-up comedian Aatif Nawaz.

“We wanted to create a Muslim sketch show that was inclusive of our people, our experiences and our emotions, but presented in a way that hasn’t been seen before. We knew there’s an appetite at the moment for authenticity, there’s a need to be represented and I feel like more is being done to encourage and develop talent,” Shahalom said in an interview on the BBC’s website.

“We had no interest in creating a show that would only be applicable to one demographic. It’s nice when comedy can do something more than just making someone laugh. We want it to bridge gaps and help communities come together,” he added.

“There’s no character in the show that was a pure fabrication, we took inspiration from real people and real scenarios we’ve seen. There are bits of reality all over it - even in the silly sketches,” Nawaz said.

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