Rushworks launches Rushprompter

Published: 12 December 2019 - 2:09 p.m.
By: Digital Studio Middle East Staff
Rushworks, a manufacturer of production, playback and streaming tech since 2001, has released Rushprompter, a Windows-based teleprompting software solution available as a stand-alone download from its website, or integrated with VNEWS, the company’s TV NEWS PRODUCTION hardware/software system.

Rush Beesley, Rushworks founder and presidentsaid: “There are a lot of prompter systems out there but we wanted to create one with a simple design.”

Having created production, editing and animation systems since the early 70s, Beesley has a lot of experience with teleprompting. He added: “Most people don’t realize that what we call ‘teleprompting’ was first done using long rolls of white paper on which people either hand-wrote the text or used giant typewriters developed specifically for creating extra-large type. Someone just cranked the paper under a black and white camera which displayed on a TV monitor.’ It was simple, but effective.”

Rushprompter keeps it simple but effective by including the basic features people want and need for script creation and prompting. These include RTF and TXT creation, export and import, find and replace, real-time font size adjustment, variable line spacing, and individual character control of bold, italics, underline, colorize, and highlighting.

Rushworks has also created a lightweight, inexpensive prompting stand that supports one or two 12” 16:9 monitors for displaying the prompter text as well as any video switcher Program output.

Rushprompter can be downloaded with a free trial period, and purchased through PayPal for $99.

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