Telemetrics exhibits with Grass Valley at Broadcast India 2019

Telemetrics exhibits with Grass Valley at Broadcast India 2019
Published: 8 December 2019 - 4:29 p.m.
By: Digital Studio Middle East Staff
Broadcast India 2019, which was held in October, showcased a collaboration of the makers of live production products and systems, Grass Valley and a leader in camera robotics and control, Telemetrics.

The joint exhibit was part of Telemetrics participation in the newly formed Grass Valley Technology Alliance (GVTA), a coalition of major companies with a shared vision of the future of professional video production and distribution.

The GVTA is a new program for technology and solutions providers that deliver improved purchasing selection for customers. The certification program gives broadcasters and media organisations access to solutions that are interoperable with a range of Grass Valley workflow components and platforms.

As part of this new GVTA participation, Telemetrics has developed a special interface between its RCCP-2A robotic control platform and the Grass Valley Ignite studio automation system, allowing users to control a series of robotic cameras directly from the Ignite control panel.

At the show in Mumbai, Telemetrics’ Televator elevating pedestal and RCCP-2A robotics and camera control panel were both featured prominently operating in the Grass Valley booth, illustrating how integrated, pre-qualified solutions help customers reduce their deployment costs and risk, while significantly improving production value.

Telemetrics’ VP, Michael Cuomo said: “Grass Valley has proven to be a great partner in the marketing of our robotics products and control systems and we’ve jointly supplied our respective technology for several large projects together. Customers are always looking for compatible technology when putting together or upgrading their facilities. The GVTA will provide them with comfort and security in knowing that complementary products developed within the GVTA are guaranteed to work together as promised. This will help encourage customers to buy a product or service that works within an all-industry framework or pre-determined workflow."

The Telemetrics entire portfolio of robotic camera and control systems include the RCCP-2A Robotic Camera Control Panel, the new PT-CP-S5 Compact Pan/Tilt Head, the new RoboEye2 Integrated PTZ System, the OmniGlide Robotic Roving Platform, the Televator series of remote-controlled elevating camera pedestals and the company’s TeleGlide Camera Track & Trolley System.

He added: “It’s important for production equipment providers within this industry to work together, share information and collaborate when appropriate to developed end-to-end systems that seamlessly work together for the benefit of the customer. We often work on projects that involve third-party technology and there is a lot of informal back and forth that takes up valuable time and resources. The GVTA will reduce this development time and stimulate companies to have conversations on a regular basis. That’s good for everyone involved.”

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