The Lion King perfectly blends CGI and live-action, Jon Favreau

The Lion King perfectly blends CGI and live-action, Jon Favreau
Published: 22 July 2019 - 6:27 a.m.
By: Nikhil Pereira

Disney’s latest remake of The Lion King used a new filmmaking technique that gave an appearance of real life environs even though the film was completely animated albeit with the use of live-action filmmaking tools and techniques.

In an interview with The Independent Jon Favreau, director of the latest Disney classic remake The Lion King, said how new virtual reality (VR) tools helped him and his crew adopt the technology to make it come together.

In an interview with The Independent Favreau said: “We started off as you would any animated movie as well as making it as photo real as we could with the environments, animals and performances. Because you are building things digitally you can bring that into VR and VR came on the market just as soon as we were finishing Jungle Book. And so we thought these tools are great not just for gaming but you can create a multiplayer filming making game where you can set cameras and drive those cameras from real equipment in real life.

“That allows us to bring real cinematographers, dolly grips, real crews and real assistant directors. That is how I am used to making movies, I’m used to communicating with my filmmaking partners and film crew. By having that dialogue and VR allowing us to all walk around together in this environment allowed us to use techniques that contributed this feeling of a live action version of the film even though it was animated.”

Disney has said the film uses “pioneering filmmaking techniques” to bring characters to life in a new way.

Internationally, the film opened in most major territories over the weekend after rolling out in China on July 12 with a $54.1 million debut.

Over the last week, that has risen to $76.6 million, and combined with the first two days of play in newly opened territories, the international gross through July 19 is an estimated $130.5 million.

It was the second biggest industry opening day ever in Brazil and the second biggest opening day for a Walt Disney Studios live-action film in France (in both cases, behind only Avengers: Endgame), and the biggest opening day for a Disney-branded live-action film of all time in Australia and Korea.

In Russia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands, it was the third biggest opening day of all time. It was the second biggest opening day of the year (also behind only Avengers: Endgame) in several markets, including France, Germany, Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand.

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