NOA facilitates digitization for Moravian Library

NOA facilitates digitization for Moravian Library
Published: 24 October 2019 - 5 a.m.
By: Digital Studio Middle East Staff

Moravian Library Brno, Moravská zemská knihovna (MZK), in the Czech Republic, recently modernised its facilities with archiving solutions from AV digitising and archiving specialist NOA GmbH.

MZK, the country’s second largest library, needed to upgrade its gear to ensure the systematic digitisation of its legacy media archive.

To address requirements, the institution took delivery of a NOA system for ingest of audiotapes, historical record discs as well as CDs.

In addition to managing a collection of more than four million books and a vast repository of historical documents — digitization and publication is a central endeavour of the library — MZK also archives historical and contemporary music productions.

“Our organisation was looking for the most efficient archiving solution that would ensure the systematic digitization of our legacy media archive for the preservation of historical recordings as well as contemporary productions. NOA’s solution met our needs and is now being integrated into our existing environment, enabling efficient interaction between the two systems,” said Petr Žabička, associate director of MZK.

In August, NOA delivered NOARecord for the transfer of audiotapes and historical disc recordings. NOA also installed the N7000c hardware audio interface and CDLector for CD ripping in combination with NOA MetadataFinder to enrich captured CDs with track information from multiple sources — all within the environment of the NOA jobDB workflow orchestration system. The installation took place across two studios.

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