LianTronics officially launches in the Middle East

Published: 19 September 2019 - 6 a.m.
By: Digital Studio Middle East Staff

LianTronics has officially introduced its range of LED screens in the Middle East. The Chinese-based listed LED panel manufacturer has a wide array of screen panels targeting various applications from use in studios to outdoor events.

LianTronics showcased its VA and its ultra-thin VF series of panels that are suited for use in broadcast and studio environments primarily because they run cool.

The firm was represented by its sales and marketing team at an event in Dubai. Liantronics, sales director for Russia, ME and Africa told Digital Studio ME: “Video quality is excellent on the VA series because we can get a very high contrast ratio on its surface. The VA Series also has a DC to DC system which means it uses low voltage power, so it helps in heat dissipation. The screens, hence, are always cool to touch while operation. It's also runs with no noise which is very important for the broadcast industry.

Allen added that LianTronics screens can be adjusted in six different directions, which means they can be used in a high level of applications. “This was done to satisfy our customer’s request of flex in screens,” he added.

Allen also added that the firm has customer service firmly in its sights, along with keeping them in close confidence during the product development stage. There is no shortage of LED panel manufacturers globally, and Allen shed light on what makes LianTronics stand out.

“There are over 3,000 manufacturers in the world producing LED screen technology. But the problem is you need to have strong quality control because at the end of the day the customer wants to compare quality and not just the lowest price,” he told Digital Studio ME.

Being a listed company means LianTronics has strict quality control standards and Allen added that the firm is one of the top most LED manufacturer. Speaking more about prices he said: “Our products are prices competitively when you compare us to other companies in the A-level category. We never compare our product with B-level or C-level - it's unfair to the competition.”

Allen stressed that the firm’s strategy is clearly set up to provide utmost support to its partners in a bid to build “a long term cooperation with our customers”.

Also on display was the company’s R series and FM series of display panels. The R series caters to the event industry and addresses quick turnaround times for project set-up. “At events you have only two to three hours for installation and not much time to take everything down after the event. The R series addresses that concern. For instance, you can install a panel wall of 130m2 in just 30 minutes. The cabinet size and weight are both favourable and easy to work with. The weight for a 1m2 installation is just 30 kgs - with each panel weighing just 8 kgs.

Finally, Liantronics FM series was also on display at the event which is able to bend 90o with the cabinet directly installed on the wall without and structure. “This helps users save money by using the same wall,” he added.

The VA panel is able to achieve FHD / 4K and 8K resolution with a 27” diagonal panel size. This, hence, makes a perfect substitute for any existing 54” or 108” LCD screen. Its installation is made easy thanks to its block-building structure.

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