DPP launches Live IP recommendation

Published: 26 September 2019 - 8:11 a.m.
By: Nikhil Pereira
DPP has released its latest DPP Recommendation for broadcasters and service providers.

Recommendation DPP001 - Live IP Profiles is designed to be used for the contribution of live IP content to broadcasters, and distribution of transmission-ready channels and OTT content across IP networks.

This provides a series of media encoding and streaming profiles designed to simplify interoperability between parties that exchange live streaming content.

It also enables broadcasters and their service providers to cost-effectively distribute content to multiple platforms by standardising encoding and network transport parameters.

Rowan de Pomerai, head of delivery and growth, DPP said: “It is now common practice for content providers to use IP networks both to carry video from events and outside broadcasts into their facilities, and to distribute their output to digital platforms.

“However, a plethora of different encoding profiles and network transport options can create unnecessary cost and complexity. The profiles in Recommendation DPP001 - Live IP Profiles are provided to help simplify this process.”

DPP Recommendations are technical documents, defining a specific technical framework and parameters to meet a specific set of business requirements.

The name recommendation was chosen to be consistent with many other organisations, such as W3C, EBU, and ITU.

“Viacom processes hundreds of Live IP streams globally for contribution and distribution,” says Doug Willock, DPP working group chair, and senior director of global distribution, Viacom.

“Recommendation DPP001 - Live IP Profiles will enable us at Viacom to simplify the process of setting up new streams with our partners.”

The Recommendation is accompanied by an interactive digital tool, available on the DPP website.

The tool guides users through the process of selecting an appropriate profile for their specific use-case.

The DPP's parallel work on IP distribution to the consumer began with Preparing for an IP future in May, and will be followed this autumn by a new report, Scaling IP Delivery.

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