Facilis releases new version of HUB shared storage

Published: 25 April 2020 - 11:25 a.m.
By: Nikhil Pereira

Facilis has released Version 8 of the Facilis Shared Storage System, Version 3.5 of its FastTracker Media Asset Management software, and new Object Cloud remote workflows.

These are available immediately and free of charge for any eligible Facilis customer with a current software support contract.

“This release represents over two years of development to increase the overall resiliency, flexibility and bandwidth management capabilities of the product,” said Shane Rodbourn, Chief Operating Officer at Facilis Technology.

One of the most compelling releases to date, Version 8 includes unique software-defined Bandwidth Priority, SSD Tiering and Multi-disk Parity RAID6 disk-failure protection:

  • Bandwidth Priority delivers full throughput to all workstations during normal operation but prioritizes workstations to maintain greater throughput when the server enters a high-load condition. This priority setting is dynamic and can affect client performance within seconds of applying.
  • SSD and HDD tiering was developed to deliver dedicated speed for projects needing SSD-level performance, while maintaining a perpetual HDD-based mirror.
  • Software-defined Multi-disk Parity can be enabled for up to 4 drive failures per drive group, on a virtual volume-basis. This technology allows owners of aging systems to better protect their assets from data loss due to drive failure.

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