L-Acoustics launches AVB Rack for tours

Published: 22 January 2020 - 7 a.m.
By: Digital Studio Middle East Staff
L-Acoustics has launched its LA-RAK II AVB flyable touring rack, offering twelve channels of amplification in a 9 U frame.

Contained within are three Milan-certified LA12X amplified controllers, two LS10 AVB switches and power and signal distribution panels that are internally prewired to offer plug-and-play networked audio.

Genio Kronauer, director of electronics development and Avnu board member said: “Our goal at L-Acoustics is to consistently evolve our technology to optimize system design, deployment and control, so that sound engineers can focus on creating experiences for their artists and audiences. Launching a dedicated AVB rack is our way of making tours and mobile installations as fast and simple as possible for sound professionals while further improving audio quality.”

The presence of two LS10 AVB switches in a 1 U space within the rack allow for dual network redundancy and an AVB ecosystem from the P1 processor at FOH down to the Milan-certified amplified controllers. If any failure occurs on the primary audio network, the redundant AVB network is standing by to automatically switch over and continue the show with zero audio loss.

As with its predecessors, LA-RAK II AVB features a shock-absorbing inner frame, protective and handling elements to facilitate transport. Compatible with any voltage standard, LA-RAK II AVB functions worldwide and facilitates tour logistics and cross-rental between L-Acoustics rental partners. LA-RAK II AVB is mechanically and electronically compatible with the legacy LA-RAK II and LA-RAK standards.
An LA-RAK II AVB upgrade kit will be available for existing LA-RAK II owners wishing to upgrade to AVB.

Kronauer added: “As the list of AVB and Milan protocol adopters grows, more industry professionals recognize that there is no other networking technology that fulfils the requirement for robust loudspeaker systems. The simple fact that Milan is the only deterministic network for professional audio guarantees precise and stable audio transport, which means better quality. The LA-RAK II AVB will let sound professionals forget about network setup and concentrate instead on what they do best – creating amazing performances.”

LA-RAK II AVB ships in March 2020 and can be seen at NAMM in L-Acoustics product lounge 17208.

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