Hasan Kiyani launches EditVid post production service

Published: 7 June 2020 - 6:44 p.m.
By: Nikhil Pereira

UAE national Hassan Kiyany has been woven into the fabric of the local film industry. The filmmaker is a veteran of sorts in this part of the world evolving into a media entrepreneur having started off as an iPhone videographer at the start of the decade.

Kiyani spent some time telling us about his new media venture EditVid. Here are excerpts of an interview.

Tell us about EditVid and how you founded it?
COVID -19 has changed the way we consume videos, and more need for consistent content has risen with a significant focus on increased video consumption due to the lockdown. As someone working on commercial production for the past ten years as an editor / director and entrepreneur, I realised we have an opportunity at hand that can solve a significant challenge. But this was not what I could do with Kiyany Media, so I needed a new identity, and Editvid was born.

If you see traditional video creation is costly. It comes with its own set of prerequisites from cast and crew, time-consuming process, delay in delivery, and big budgets to support the production flow. Editvid comes in by bringing these creatives from the studios comprising of producers and editors to bring that finished video to you at the comfort of a click.

We already have video creation platforms like Adobe Spark to DIY platforms like Vimeo and Proom, to name a few where you as the user should create what you may be looking at to create in the video. But with Editvid, you share your brief, select the mood, music, duration, delivery time, and CTA with more options to personalise it and submit. Once you do this, all you need to do is pay for the service and expect the video in your email.
We have considered the cost to be a significant factor while deploying our solutions to help people market their stories, starting at just AED249 for 10 seconds. Editvid saves clients the hassle of dealing with production houses, freelancers, automated or market platforms to get your consistent video content for your marketing needs powered by artificial intelligence and delivered by creatives.

What sets your service apart from the rest of the competition, offering creative solutions?
Editvid is not a DIY or template-based video creation platform. For DIY you need to spend your time and energy to create these videos and at times may have a steep learning curve, and for template-based videos after a point, it starts looking all the same.

We are all about bringing a creative solution of producing video by integrating it with AI to help the creatives make quick and informed decisions. With Editvid, we aim to re-invent the content creation process. We sit in the middle of this process, where creative professionals like our producers and editors use the technology to deliver products for our clients.

How do you justify your business case, and what are your plans for scaling up?
Currently the Editvid BETA stage is live with on-demand videos that start from AED249 with royalty-free music, professional edits, motion graphics, license for social media usage and all delivered within 72 hours.
It helps meet your regular video demands for social media where the better and consistent video is all about your brand worth.

We have video solution options for enterprises, social media agencies and individuals alike. To scale our business, we plan to implement further machine learning to ease the onboarding and expedite the delivery process to enhance the end-user experience.

Editvid 2.0 will maximise AI running capabilities at the front end (UI & UX) and back end (processing) helping the end-user and creatives choose with options to make the video better. We are also in the midst of talking to investors as an external investment option, hopefully we will have some news to share in the near future.

That’s really interesting, tell us more about the AI and technology aspects of EditVid?
We are currently using a combination of third-party tools that use AI to bring the edit together faster with semi-automated workflow. Our goal is to use AI to analyse the brief, detect — objects, tones of voice, and provide suggestions like edit structure to the creatives, i.e. editors as a starting point.

In times like these, how do producers and content creators such as yourself survive?
It’s indeed tricky times with lack of clarity where our industry is heading. This situation was compounded many years ago when a massive wave of creatives took over following the social media boom.
Covid-19 and the global lockdown not only affected majority of freelancers and established production houses but also posed two significant questions — how can we all survive? From a commercial content perspective, what will change besides budget shrinking? I have no doubt video demand will be even higher, as we have seen throughout the pandemic. It’s time for video creators to embrace, specialise, and monetise their original content through platforms like VOD, Youtube, Instagram, or Snapchat.

Aside from EditVid, what other projects are you working on?
At this moment in time we have a minimal commercial pipeline. Despite that we successfully published our first original documentary on Amazon Prime Marwan The Boxer, which won the Best Documentary at the Abu Dhabi Film festival.

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