Art Format Lab resumes productions in the UAE

Published: 9 June 2020 - 9:51 a.m.
By: Nikhil Pereira

Art Format Lab has resumed production of feature film Under The Sun Back. The shoot resumed on June 6th in the UAE.

Khulud Abu Homos, CEO, Art Format Lab said: “As a content company we had been hit hard during our highest season, we had to take the tough decision to stop production in the midst of shooting a feature film in the UAE and filming a docudrama across KSA. Our production team members were stuck away from their homes. But we put our financial targets aside and made our crew’s safety and well-being our ultimate priority.”

Speaking more about uncertainties faced by businesses Homos remains confident of pulling through from a business point of view. “We strongly believe that success is not always a mathematical equation proportionate to our immediate P&L statements. No doubt that strengthening our business involves financial management but it also dependent on our resilience, positive attitude and creative strategies to retain and broaden our customer base, looking into possible diversification within content creation,” she said.

The story of Under The Sun Back is a suspense drama that revolves around the story of three young women going through, what appears to be, three separate experiences. However, their stories are intertwined and connected revealing several facets of nostalgia, domestic violence, pursuit of revenge and mutual solidarity.

Meanwhile, another production of a docudrama Laila, is in the process of re-starting. The project, commissioned by Saudi Broadcasting Authority, revolves around the story of a young Saudi national, who is passionate about exploration and research, goes in search of Layla (love) that he believes is embedded in every city of the Kingdom and within their respective historical stories.

The series is set to have 30 episodes, each of which in the backdrop of 30 different locations all over Saudi Arabia.

That’s not all, Art Format Lab’s new original format Atyaaf - a TV magazine show that sheds light on emerging local creative talents in the UAE and the Middle East - has also been announced.

“The format will feature new Emirati authors, new innovators, new musicians and new entrepreneurs. Moreover a main feature of the format will include stories of inspiring community leaders who advocate lifestyle changes to improve the wellbeing of the mind and body along with embracing preventive nutrition,” Homos said.

And finally, the production house is preparing for the launch of UAE Entertainment Experience Season 2 and Saudi Entertainment Experience Season 1 as of Q4 2020.

With plenty of plans afoot, Art Format Lab is working towards completing several projects and eagerly preparing for those that are currently on the pre-production table.

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