Canon's superiority with the 1DX III: Review

Published: 10 March 2020 - 9:43 a.m.
By: Nikhil Pereira

The Canon 1DX III is a hoot, a camera that’s able to focus, track and find light where an owl could struggle.

In November 2019, at the FIA Formula 1 championship ending race in Abu Dhabi, Canon invited a handful of journalists and professionals to use pre-production units of the 1DX III. Having used the 1DX Mark 1 ages ago, it was a while since I used Canon’s beefy flagship.

It’s almost impossible to find that sort of heft on a DSLR camera body thanks to the rise and prominence of mirrorless units. To that manner it does take some getting used to, especially when using a 70-300 lens on manual focus.

It takes you a matter of minutes to capture professional level images with the 1DX III. Grasping the controls and button is a matter of few minutes. And that is because the 1DX III is extremely forgiving.

It’s easy to tell that Canon’s boffins have spent hours perfecting the new cameras AF tracking performance. During the second qualifying session, amidst a fast approaching sunset the 1DX III was able to find focus and track the zooming F1 cars at ease.

An aspect that we couldn’t spend too much time with was the much improved video functionalities.

The camera offers 5.5K 12-bit RAW video internal recording – the first non-cinema Canon EOS series camera to have such feature. The camera is also able to record in its highest setting without any time restriction (previously restricted to 30 minutes).

We are hoping to have the 1DX III in for a full review where we will certainly focus on the 1DX III’s video capabilities. Stay tuned.

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