Zaxcom introduces Nova Software Version 2.0

Published: 2 March 2020 - 5 a.m.
By: Digital Studio Middle East Staff

Zaxcom's newly launched software version 2.0 for the Nova recorder / mixer / receiver is set to increase the recording track count from 12 to 16.

The update introduces an adaptive threshold Automixer algorithm, support for the Oasis control surface, a Walkie Talkie interface, and a mirror file list.

The adaptive threshold Automixer algorithm helps take the guesswork out of unscripted dialog – it automatically opens and closes microphones so dialog is smooth with minimal to no background noise.

Zaxcom’s Oasis control surface hardware can be used for external linear fader control, ideal for sound cart setup.

The Walkie Talkie interface lets you plug your Walkie Talkie into the Nova and use your slate mic and headphones for communication around set with integrated push to talk functionality.

The new mirror file list keeps a running list of all files mirrored for a visual confirmation. Other new features include Sound Report generation while mirroring, the ability to disable unused home screen views and better recognition of a variety of CF cards.

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