MBC unveils 15 feature production based on Beirut port blast

Published: 15 October 2020 - 1:19 p.m.
By: Nikhil Pereira

An anthology TV series produced by Imagic Group’s The Big Picture Studios, Beirut 6:07 is a not-for-profit production that pays tribute to the immense casualties of the Beirut port blast through a succession of 15 short stories inspired by true events and real people.

In early August 2020 devastating explosions tore through Lebanon’s capital Beirut that resulted in hundreds of deaths, injuring thousands and several more missing.

Narrating various incidents that happened both prior to and after the explosions, each episode of Beirut 6:07 is approximately seven minutes long, each made by a different director, all of whom worked pro bono on the project.

The joint collaboration saw production equipment provided free of charge by FinalCut Equipped, while MBC Group and its streaming platform, Shahid VIP, covered photography and production crew costs.

Releasing on October 17th Beirut 6:07 will be streamed on Shahid VIP before airing on MBC4 on November 22.

Every actor and crew member involved in this production have themselves been affected by the events of August 4 in some way.

All voluntarily collaborated on the project, whilst all families of the actual victims have given their consent to adopt their story, some even participated in the development of the series.

Shot as standalone stories, each episode of Beirut 6:07 will recount the story of a victim, survivor, or hero, through the eyes of a different director and cast.

Ingrid Bawab, one of the 15 directors that worked on the project said: “After one of the most traumatising experiences that I have lived in my life, the decision of being loud about what we went through was the mission of every Lebanese artist. We all used our skills to contribute to the conversation worldwide in the way we knew best. My way was to assemble a full team that worked day and night pro-bono to be able to tell our story and get the word out as a way to contribute to the large conversation happening worldwide about Beirut – and to contribute to keeping that conversation going.”

Mazen Fayad added: “The world these days has become quick to forget when the news stops becoming a scoop. More so, the Lebanese people - due to their long history of suffering - are quick to forget and move on. What happens to these victims? To their families? Do they die in vain? We have a duty as filmmakers to keep their memory alive and remind everyone, that these people had lives, hopes and dreams that were stripped away from them through mere negligence. It could have been anyone. We honour our dead and hope to survive our grim future by taking a stand today. I am honoured to have partaken in this initiative. ‘Beirut 6:07’ is more than a production project, it is emotional and mental therapy.”

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