Gemalto extends remote provisioning to all consumer devices

Gemalto extends remote provisioning to all consumer devices
Published: 21 November 2016 - 3:41 a.m.
By: Soumya Smita Prajna

Gemalto has launched an enhanced version of its LinqUs on-demand connectivity platform that is fully compliant with the latest update to the GSMA consumer remote SIM provisioning specification. As a result it enables device makers and mobile operators to provide subscribers with out-of-the-box connectivity for any type of consumer device fitted with an eSIM (embedded SIM), including smartphones, tablets and wearables, as well as seamless subscription management throughout the product lifecycle.

On-Demand Connectivity over-the-air allows mobile operators, OEMs and service providers to invent new “on the fly” services and generate new revenue streams from the fast growing consumer IoT market.

Adoption of eSIM technology is fuelling growth in IoT and M2M markets. It provides a single standardised solution that is embedded at the device manufacturing stage and can be employed across all markets and regions.

Benoit Jouffrey, VP of on-demand connectivity at Gemalto said: “By fulfilling all the requirements of the revised GSMA standard so rapidly, our on-demand connectivity platform will help sustain dynamic growth in the market."

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