Five simple tips to double conversion rate

Five simple tips to double conversion rate
Vikram Chadha
Published: 14 September 2017 - 5:04 a.m.
By: CommsMEA staff writer

By Vikram Chadha, VP - e-commerce, sales and digital marketing, Jawwy from STC (

Digital marketing is great but performance marketing takes you to another level. Here there is only one measurement which is CPA and when it is measured only for full sale (customer has requested for an item) – no leads, no add to cart options are counted in this equation, the stakes are much high and this makes the whole game result-oriented, dynamic and real-time. At Jawwy, we do measure other KPI’s as well but for the online business, the sole most important KPI is conversion rates and the CPA attached to the same.

At Jawwy, this is an everyday business to keep improving the customer experience so that the net result is improved conversions. To improve the performance, we put in place several initiatives across the several stages of the funnel. The 5 simple things to do which had the maximum impact are as follows:

  1. Landing pages – This is key. Simple to do but it is important that any major value proposition that is key for the business, new offer – there must be a landing page for the same. The landing page should take the customer directly to the customer to the add to cart page. The URL of the landing page is what needs to go in the campaign set-up. This decreases the bounce rate and leads to higher conversion rates.

  2. AMP Pages – In the region conversion from the mobile is the main channel. The accelerated mobile pages (AMP) enable the creation of websites and ads that are consistently fast and high performing across devices and platforms. To maximise the impact, do the AMP pages for the landing pages as the majority of traffic to your website should be driven by them. This leads to more completed sessions, faster loading pages and hence increase in conversion rate.

  3. Mobile number validation – In the Middle East and Africa mobile is the primary device of the millennials. A key parameter is to move the validation of the customer from the email to the mobile number through mobile OTP (one-time password). SMS design should incorporate the OTP at the beginning of the SMS. Easy access on mobile enables more customers to convert.

  4. Image optimisation – One needs to always remember that mobile is the main medium of purchase by the consumer today. This means that the images have to be optimised for the web and especially the mobile web. Another aspect is the screen resolution sizes of the various smartphones; therefore, we have to save the images for the web consumption without significantly reducing the quality of the images. We carried out this activity across our site which reduced our page’s load time and increased the add to cart customers.

  5. Decrease number of steps –As marketers, we need the data to better segment the customer and provide him with the more customised offering, but the big learning is reducing the number of steps and fields. This one is a difficult one as one needs to strike a balance but the golden rule to remember in the digital journey of the customer is to reduce the fields and the number of steps to increase the acquisition conversions. If more information is required move the process of acquiring this information post-sale.

Implementation of the above will give you a guaranteed increase in the conversion percentage. However, continuous optimisation of the same must be done. To make all the above happen, thanks to the very smart individuals at Jawwy and our performance agencies who worked cross-functionally to execute on these deliverables. The proof is in the pudding and 2x is a great result already. The team is now ready to march on to deliver on 3x and many initiatives are in the pipeline to make that happen.

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