Smartworld and Ekinnolab launch Park & X

Smartworld and Ekinnolab launch Park & X
Published: 11 June 2018 - 12:22 p.m.
By: Evan Real

Smartworld, a joint venture company between Etisalat and Dubai South, has signed an agreement with EkinnoLab, a Polish software house specialising in mobile applications development and testing services, to launch Park & X solutions to support the development of Smart Cities in the UAE.

“Smartworld is honoured to partner with EkinnoLab for this unique initiative, which will cater to the rapidly-rising demand for smart city solutions. With this initiative we reaffirm our commitment to support the UAE leadership’s vision to make the UAE, a smart country.” Abdulqader Ali, CEO of Smartworld.

NaviParking being a flagship product of EkinnoLab company, is a comprehensive parking data hub packed into a form of a mobile application which navigates users to available parking spots.

As a horizontal platform open to integration with City Open Data and third-party providers, NaviParking data hub evolves into multimodal transportation platform, where parking is one of the services. Parking can be integrated with aviation transport (Park & Fly), public transport (Park & Ride), reservation of a co-working space (Park & Work), EV charging stations (Park & Charge), shopping malls (Park & Shop) and any other ervice that could optimise and improve a customer’s daily trip.

The Park & X mockup solution at the Smartworld premises uses Philips Lighting Indoor integrated with the NaviParking platform. Indoor positioning from Philips Lighting uses patented Visible Light Communication technology recognised by a smartphone camera for easy wayfinding in the building. A location-aware smartphone can be used to trigger location-based services and features as:

  • Check-in/out with automatically filling work time sheet
  • Making reservation of a single desk or the whole conference room
  • Finding coworkers in the building
  • Ordering food, drink, services like parking, EV charging station
  • Light control via application

The NaviWorkspace application can also use other than LED-based Indoor Positioning technologies for navigation in a building. When combining indoor navigation with outdoor GPS, the solution assures end-to-end mobility for the customer’s convenience. NaviWorkspace serves as an extension and complementary solution to NaviParking – a building block within the same Smart City platform.

“The strategic partnership with Smartworld having a strong foothold on UAE market is a milestone and a distinction for our company. With fluctuating customers’ needs and growing popularity for on-demand services, businesses integration is crucial to remain dynamic and keep up with emerging technology trends. Leveraging Polish expertise in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, we aim to jointly develop comprehensive Smart City solutions for Emirates, tailored to exceed customer needs.” said Marek Stawinski, Founder of EkinnoLab.

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