Reliable secure communications for the Hajj in Mecca are thanks to Airbus and STC Specialized

Reliable secure communications for the Hajj in Mecca are thanks to Airbus and STC Specialized
Published: 19 August 2019 - 7:28 a.m.

Airbus is a leading provider of secure communication and collaboration solutions. This year, it was responsible to provide mission critical communications technology to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for this year's Hajj pilgrimage.

It has been a trusted supplier of secure communication solutions for the Hajj pilgrimage every year since 2017. With its systems implemented, it ensures faster emergency response for public safety. By using its state-of-the-art technology, Airbus and STC Specilized ensured the smooth running of security operations which safeguarded millions of visitors.

Various security organisations benefited from Airbus' trusted solutions which included the slimline Th1n Tetra radio and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) technology. With these, information about each mobile units' location, status and active Tetra talk groups is sent to dispatchers. Following this, it is relayed to all the relevant emergency personnel using the STC Specialized network powered by Airbus' Tetra solution; like the Ministry of Hajj, the Ministry of Health and Mecca Municipality.

With Airbus' mission critical solutions, the major event and the communication between ground staff and the control rooms was monitored. This enabled them to immediately address any on-site emergency while benefitting from the stability, continuity and reliability of Airbus technology.

CEO of secure land communications at Airbus, Olivier Koczan said “Critical communications technology is a key enabler in widening the scope of emergency response mechanisms and implementing quality and performance standards in order to improve operational efficiency, and increase system-wide coordination in all emergency situations -and especially during critical events, such as the Hajj.”

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