The UK is looking to build taller 5G masts to boost rural connectivity

The UK is looking to build taller 5G masts to boost rural connectivity
Published: 29 August 2019 - 2:58 p.m.

Currently, there is a 25m height restriction on mobile telecoms masts in the UK. To address this, the government is considering overhauling this in a bit to boost rural connectivity.

The country's digital minister, Nick Morgan confirmed that her department has launched a consultation on the possibility of increasing the maximum permitted height for telecoms infrastructure. With 5G rollout imminent, this is a logical step for the government to take.

She said "This is about broader digital connectivity. So, we will obviously look to the mobile companies and those installing those infrastructures to see what it is they actually need. And the point is there has to be a balance struck. We all want better phone signal. We all want to be able to download things much more quickly, so we have to have the infrastructure there. We have to make sure it's done in a sensitive way, with respect to certain areas of outstanding natural beauty."

The UK government has long made rural connectivity one of its top priorities. This is in line with the country's big four mobile network operators currently working on details of a deal for a shared rural network. Morgan said that the taller masts would result in a boost in network availability levels as well as a reduction in the number of masts that are required for 5G to be deployed in its rollout phase.

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