Zain Jordan partners with Infoblox

Zain Jordan partners with Infoblox
Published: 4 August 2019 - 6:44 a.m.

Zain, a leading telecom company in Jordan has gone to the market leading Infoblox ActiveTrust solution to enable secure internet browsing for its subscribers. Now, both home and business users of Zain's internet services are assured protection against malware and the risk of data exfiltration. This comes without needing to pay an additional security subscription fee.

Most internet communications including malware rely on DNS (Domain Name System). Attackers use DNS to exfiltrate data and as a control point for malware. More than 90% of malware relies on DNS to redirect traffic onto malicious websites. Existing security controls such as firewalls, email and web proxies rarely focus on DNS and its associated vulnerabilities.

DNS is as critical a protocol as web and email. It needs a dedicated solution that aids with early detection and the sharing of valuable network context to accelerate response. In this case, Infoblox ActiveTrust provides Zain Jordan and its internet subscribers with just that. It is a proactive network that protects against data exfiltration and fast-evolving, elusive malware threats.

The Chief Operating Office at Zain Jordan, Mr Yousef Abu Mitawe' says “The foundation of our work at Zain is to provide the best and most distinctive services, to our customers, as the Internet has become a multi-service and serves all fields, added that Zain is proud to partner with Infoblox, which has been selected thorough study, ensuring that Zain subscribers are fully aware of the benefits.”

Since its implementation, Infoblox ActiveTrust has blocked DNS communications with source addresses of DDoS attacks, exploit kits, malicious name servers and sinkholes. It has also been successful in blocking ransomware destination servers, which encrypt files on end-users' systems and require them to pay in order to get them decrypted.

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