Lenovo in hot water over claims it stole fan made video for Moto Razr

Lenovo in hot water over claims it stole fan made video for Moto Razr
Published: 12 June 2019 - 8:44 p.m.
By: Kevin Sebastian
Lenovo can't seem to catch a break with the media.

The company's smartphone division has apparently been caught showing off a fan made render video of the supposedly new foldable Moto Razer, that hasn't been seen, at a press event in China. While it's alright for companies to show visual renders and not the actual device, the issue here is that Lenovo's Razr video was downloaded from a creator who says he didn't give them permission to use it.

In a report from Engadget, the concept video was made by user, Waqar Khan and was re-edited with most of his watermarks removed and the Lenovo logo put in. However the most glaring evidence is on the clock of the phone which has the "Concept by @WaqarKhanHD" making this seem like a quick slopped edit that was made to present to the Chinese media. Engadget reached out to Waqar who confirmed that that "They used it without my permission" via Twitter.

It seems unlikely that there's an actual foldable Motorola RAZR coming out this year. The patent for the device that was unearthed by SlashLeaks shows that the company is working on a device which raised rumors in the first place and The Wall Street Journal's report cemented claims that a $1,500 device would come out this year.

With Lenovo being caught using a fan made video, the company has only caused more concern and confusion if the RAZR is even real to begin with.

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