London fourth for traffic innovation impact - Juniper Research

London fourth for traffic innovation impact - Juniper Research
Published: 28 May 2019 - 8:51 p.m.
By: CommsMEA staff writer
London. Photo credit: Ben Mack

Juniper examined the impact of city traffic innovation on citizens in terms of policy and investment direction, technology impact, agency cohesion and traffic management impact on city air quality.

In this context, the leading cities across the globe are:

1. Barcelona
2. San Francisco
3. Singapore
4. London
5. Portland, Oregon

Juniper found that Barcelona leads the rankings on account of its investment into smart traffic solutions, electric vehicle charging infrastructure and policy, aimed at improving air quality and lowering private vehicle use.

While San Francisco shows strong policy and innovation, the lack of regulation in regard to ride-hailing services has damaged its overall performance.

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