Huawei launches a next-generation carrier data storage solution at GITEX

Published: 9 October 2019 - 7 p.m.

On the sideline's of GITEX Technology Week, Huawei announced the launch of 5G Data Network, a transformative new data storage solution for 5G that will improve the efficiency of data use making businesses more agile.

The transmission of data is a basic service for the communications industry. With the deepening of the digital transformation, massive data flows from the production system to the analysis domain, and the useful information in the massive data is extracted through BI and big data analysis. The information is then used to optimize various business systems of the production domain or provide external data services.

Carriers have explored digital roads for more than 20 years, with digitalization rates considerably higher than in other industries. However, carrier production and analysis systems have historically been stored in silos, making them isolated and unable to be shared. Huawei's new 5G Data Network solution addresses this, in line with today's need for massive quantities of data to be transmitted to various systems within the carrier production domain.

5G Data Network is an intelligent converged data storage solution that provides efficient access, unified analysis and simple consumption. It improves storage utilization by 30 per cent and accelerates data service rollout to just 5 minutes, compared to the 6 hours previously required. Customers can use this solution to integrate storage and analysis platforms on the live network, abandon the silo construction mode, improve data storage efficiency and reduce the TCO of the entire network.

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