The UAE is trusted more for IoT technology compared to European nations

The UAE is trusted more for IoT technology compared to European nations
Published: 19 September 2019 - 2:50 p.m.

According to Palo Alto Networks, the UAE has far higher levels of trust in Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, such as smart home devices and wearables, compared to Europe.

Over 71 per cent of respondents in the UAE believe that IoT technology is secure, compared to an EMEA average of just 38 per cent. In comparison, Germany (53 per cent), France (48 per cent) and UK (46 per cent) are lower than the UAE when it comes to this. In fact, 43 per cent of the European participants in the survey believe that IoT is 'not secure' or 'not at all secure' compared the just 25 per cent in the UAE.

The results of the survey are likely to resonate with the UAE, which is keen to use technology such as IoT and AI to help drive economic growth. It has outlined a strategy which includes the Smart Dubai Plan 2021 with objectives of transitioning to a 100 per cent paper-less government by the deadline.

IoT is said to play an important role in raising productivity levels around the world and thus, this trust shown by the UAE population bodes well for the economy. According to a recent report from GSMA Intelligence, the productivity benefits of IoT will be worth more than $370 billion per annum in 2025.

Furthermore, the study also revealed differences when it came to perceptions about the trustworthiness of a government to look after personal data. Here too, the responses were different compared to the ones that came from European respondents, who believe individuals themselves and not the government should be responsible for the security of their personal data.

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