Nokia steps up its commitments to limit global warming

Nokia steps up its commitments to limit global warming
Published: 23 September 2019 - 6:40 p.m.

Rajeev Suri, the president and CEO of Nokia announced the company's commitment to reset its science-based emission reduction targets in line with the goal to limit average rises in temperatures to 1.5°C. With this, Nokia joins a coalition of global business, civil society, and UN leaders in responding to what the latest climate science indicates.

In 2017, it was among the first of 100 companies in the world to commit to reduce emissions in line with the landmark Paris climate agreement. But further action and increased commitments are needed to truly to make a difference. In response to this, Nokia becomes the first of 87 companies to accelerate its commitments and recalibrate its emissions targets to do its part to limit global warming.

Nokia is well positioned to help to achieve with target with its 'natively green' 5G technology is more energy efficient meaning energy consumption per bit is heavily reduced compared to 4G. Furthermore, 5G will drive industries and communities towards digitalization, automation and advanced analytics. For example, a 5G-enabled factory may have more environmentally sustainable and efficient processes through predictive maintenance, and the use of smart logistics.

With R&D efforts, Nokia is ensuring that its solutions are more efficient than ever, decreasing both energy bills and carbon emissions for customers. In addition, Nokia is improving its own operations through digitization and looking closely at ways to reduce travel and emissions throughout the company.

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