Hub71 attracts startups from the UK and MENA region to the UAE

Hub71 attracts startups from the UK and MENA region to the UAE
Published: 30 September 2019 - 4:40 p.m.

A new group of startups have been admitted to the Hub71 incentive programme in a bid to grow their companies and set up operations at the technology ecosystem. These originate from different sectors and countries and include seven startups including British fintech company, dopay, Egypt-based Furnwish and Tunisian ProvenMed International and Trukker. In addition, these includes Addenda, SchoolVoice and SportyQ, three UAE-based startups.

These startups will be joining Hub71's community in the coming weeks as they have been identified as exceptional high-growth technology companies. They stand to benefit from generous packages which include subsidized living, office space and health insurance for the founders and their employees.

Speaking about the announcement, Mahmoud Adi, CEO of Hub71 shared, "We’re on track to hit our goal of bringing between 20 and 30 quality startups to Hub71 by year-end and our first 18 startups demonstrate that we’re building a tech community that ranges in size, growth stage and sector."

The Abu Dhabi technology hub looks to attract high-growth technology companies that can demonstrate a disruptive approach and have secured funds of at least USD100,000 within the first years of operation. Applications for Hub71's incentive programme will be opened to the public later this month targeting seed and emerging technology companies led by dedicated founders with scalable, quality technology solutions and ideas.

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