There have been more than 200 cyber attacks in the UAE so far

There have been more than 200 cyber attacks in the UAE so far
Published: 5 September 2019 - 2 p.m.

In the first eight months of this year, more than 200 cyber attacks were reported in the UAE. The reports were targeted at both government entities and private sector companies.

The Telecommunications Regulations Authority (TRA) -aid that 230 cyber-attacks took place between January and August of this year. While alarming on paper, this is in fact an improvement over last year. During the same period in 2018, 317 cyber-attacks had taken place thus year's numbers show a 27.4 per cent decline.

The authority further said that is computer emergency response team was responsible in thwarting 40 attempts to illegally gain access to computer systems in August alone. But again, this number is down from 51 in the same month in 2018.

Over the months, the authority has launched a series of awareness campaigns across the Emirates. This includes lectures, seminars and workshops to promote cyber safety and to create a secure environment.

Cyber threat is widespread, and instances of such attacks include hacking, identity theft and fraud.

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