AT&T told to cull “misleading” 5G Evolution branding

Published: 21 May 2020 - 7:34 a.m.

US telecoms giant AT&T has been told to stop using its 5G Evolution branding for its 4G/LTE services, on the basis that it will mislead consumers.

The country’s National Advertising Review Board said that AT&T must stop using the 5G Evolution branding, as well as the slogan “5G Evolution, the first step to 5G”, in all of its promotional materials.

“[The term] will mislead reasonable consumers into believing that AT&T is offering a 5G network and [NARB] recommended that the claims be discontinued. At NAD and on appeal, it was not disputed that the AT&T network is not a 5G network. The NARB Panel agreed with NAD’s analysis and concluded that the term “Evolution” is not likely to alert consumers to the fact that the service is not 5G,” a NARB spokesperson said in a statement to the press.

AT&T said that it “respectfully disagrees with the reasoning and result reached by the Panel majority,” but confirmed that it would respect the recommendation and stop using the 5G Evolution branding.

Since first using the 5G Evolution branding for its 4G LTE network, AT&T has since launched genuine 5G services, albeit on a far smaller scale than its LTE service.

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