Corning introduces 5G ready connectivity solutions to speed up fibre network rollouts

Published: 28 October 2020 - midnight

US fibre cabling specialist Corning has unveiled its latest innovation to help telecommunications network operators meet exploding demand for bandwidth, with a range of 5G-ready, miniaturised terminals and connectors that allow for denser fibre deployment in smaller spaces.

Corning’s Evolv Hardened Connectivity Solutions with Pushlok Technology are designed to simplify fibre deployment for all types of communications networks. As connectivity requirements continue to grow – with video streaming, remote work, e-commerce and related applications – network operators must deploy more fibre in space-constrained environments. That need will accelerate with 5G deployments.

“With the Evolv HC Solutions and Pushlok Technology, Corning is working with our customers to reduce barriers in deploying 5G-ready networks,” said Bob Whitman, vice president of market development, Carrier Networks, Corning Optical Communications.

“More and more often, installers must deploy fibre in tight spaces not originally designed for today’s density of connections – and all types of network operators are looking to deploy more quickly and economically. That’s why they’ll find our miniaturised solutions so valuable, wherever they need to go.”

Versatility and cost savings: The compact, easy-to-install terminals can be deployed in the ground, on a pole or facade, or on a strand. Operators can save up to $600 (£450) per terminal location by shrinking handhole and pedestal size, reusing existing infrastructure, reducing pole-attachment fees and streamlining permitting.

Aesthetics: Operators can deploy terminals for any type of fibre-to-the-premises network with minimal visual impact, which can speed approval time by local and municipal governments.

Ease of installation: Pushlok Technology enables simple one-handed drop installation, with tactile and audible feedback. Lightweight Evolv terminals streamline aerial and facade routing and improve utilisation of congested conduits and handholes. The ease of installation and optimised field handling reflect Corning’s knowledge and experience gained from passing 55 million homes worldwide with its hardened connectivity solutions.

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