Less than 48 hours to sign up for Education Week 2020 roundtable

Published: 20 September 2020 - midnight

It’s less than 48 hours for the inaugural ITP Technology Group’s Future of the Classroom roundtable series.

The roundtable will air on the 21st September, as part of a content-intensive agenda around the changing face of education and technology’s role in facilitating it.

Held in conjunction with leading industrial players, Shure, and data storage gurus, Western Digital, the roundtable will explore how the rapid digitalisation of the traditional classroom brought about by the Covid 19 pandemic will act as a springboard for the digital learning initiatives of tomorrow.

Starting September 13, ITP.net has been hosting engaging content on implementing technology in education and the impact on student learning and well-being.

The education week will conclude with the ‘free-to-view’ roundtable on the future of the classroom.

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Future of the Classroom roundtable
21st September 2020 at 12pm

While the education sector has been undergoing digital transformation for quite some time, many of its systems have remained rigid and traditional models have prevailed. As Covid-19 swept across the globe, schools, colleges and universities were driven to shift their focus to remote learning overnight.

In its forthcoming roundtable, the ITP Technology Group will bring together technology experts to discuss how educational institutions can capitalise on new and emerging technologies to facilitate an interactive hybrid learning environment.

“During this roundtable we will hear from some of the industry’s leading players, to discuss how the evolution of the classroom is leading to deeper learning and better engagement for students across the region. The challenge will be for teachers and educators to keep pace with the rapid evolution of the digital learning tools available to them, as they look to build the classroom of tomorrow,” said Sarah Rizvi, Group Editor, ITP Technology Group.

The panel, which will be hosted by Sarah Rizvi, group editor, ITP Technology Group, will explore the role of immersive technologies and technical training in shaping flexible hybrid learning models.

Experts from the education sector will also highlight the critical role that schools play in supporting the health of learners and how to ensure both well-being and learning in this changing education landscape.

This roundtable is held in association with audio visual pioneers, Shure, and data storage champions, Western Digital.

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