Trends: Generators, air compressors & tower lights

Trends: Generators, air compressors & tower lights
Published: 9 June 2016 - 3 a.m.
By: John Bambridge

The immediate and abundant availability of energy as electricity, heat, light and indeed air pressure, is something that we today take for granted — but the serene calm of this plenty belies the constant engineering taking place to harness energy in ever more efficient manners.

Today, portable power, lighting and air compression is being delivering to job sites around the world with unprecedented ease, and there are few places where this is more welcome than in the Gulf region, where the loss of power on remote job sites could readily bring massive projects to a grinding halt.

The expertise catering to this segment to ensure that this does not happen is immense, and in the following pages PMV Middle East will take a look at some of the leading players providing not just reliability and consistency, but delivering it in ever smaller packages, with ever greater efficiencies and with ever less fuel.

What we see revealed is a veritable arms race between manufacturers, who are both providing the foils to each other’s geniuses and delivering increasingly phenomenal value and efficiency to their customers — and indeed, some of the innovations are truly amazing.

Himoinsa, for example, has introduced a generator that can run for 1,000 hours maintenance-free, while Atlas Copco’s latest iteration of its containerised 1MW generators can keep running in temperatures of up to 40°C without any loss of performance.

No less impressive are the developments in the other significant segments of on-site plant, namely air compressors and light towers.

Many of the world’s leading air compressor manufacturers have been in the business for lengths of time on the order of centuries — not decades — and have the product to prove it.

Kaeser Compressors, as distributed by Swaidan Trading in the UAE, was so far ahead of its time when it invented its core technology back in the ‘70s that it holds its ground today, while its computerised system was developed in 1998, when we still feared the millennium bug.

Doosan Portable Power wears the equally if not more enobled mantle of Ingersoll Rand’s air compressor history, which dates back to 1871 — the same year Otto von Bismarck became the chancellor of Germany and The Royal Albert Hall was opened by Queen Victoria, or, for the sake of another industry example, tyre and part company Continental AG was also founded.

The point is this: some of the players in this segment have been at their craft for longer than most of us can bear to imagine, and incredibly, they continue to produce ongoing innovation.

Industry owes its thanks to generations of plant engineers embodied by the assorted companies found on the following pages.

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