Supplier insight: Geberit

Supplier insight: Geberit
Published: 11 January 2017 - 9:38 a.m.
By: Yamurai Zendera

Product sustainability is a key issue across the world of design and build and architects are increasingly specifying exact details of items and materials they want to be used.

This factor is putting a greater demand on manufacturers for quality and transparency when entering the market.

Swiss sanitary products company Geberit says the issue is one which goes to the core of its outlook. Ronald van Triest, head of sales division international, says: “Geberit is a proven leader in the area of sustainability. Sustainability lies in our genes. We do everything possible as manufacturers to use natural resources with care and thereby help to protect the environment.”

Across the Middle East Van Triest says the key is engineered products that offer sustainable solutions in durability, function and design to suite all types of projects and price expectations.


He says: “Buildings are investments that are designed to be used for many years. How we plan today determines the living environment for future generations. The durability of materials and building system solutions play a critical role in this regard.”

The firm’s approach begins with the research and development of products and extends to daily use and responsible recycling.

“The economical use of resources is a huge part of the Geberit corporate identity,” says van Triest.

“Consistent ecological design sets new standards and thereby provides the foundation for sustainable construction. Geberit products are durable and ecologically efficient. They significantly help to lower water consumption.”

He adds: “Sustainability is implemented at Geberit in all areas. For example, the development of our products is based on a sustainable approach, meeting the eco-design test criterion. We consistently place an emphasis on energy efficiency in production. We select our partners and suppliers in accordance with careful criteria. And we are also leading the way in terms of the disposal of our products”

The firm’s Future Technologies department researches, evaluates and develops new materials, surface technologies and procedures.

The department seeks inspiration directly from customers and markets, but also conducts its own scientific and technological research.

“On the one hand, we use our complete knowledge and experience for each new and further development. On the other hand, our engineers and product designers are repeatedly found on construction sites, with installers or planners. Because this is where the decision is taken as to whether an idea really is practicable,” says van Triest

The firm’s future-oriented technicians make use of the latest developments from the field of nanotechnology. An additional example of services from is the exploration and development of innovative metallisation processes.

Van Triest says: “Recognising trends, setting trends, actively designing the future, our developers and engineers are already working meticulously on new technologies for innovative bathroom concepts.”

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