Q&A: Al Muqarram Industry MD talks 'Made in UAE' and producing local

Q&A: Al Muqarram Industry MD talks 'Made in UAE' and producing local
AMI is present in over 30 countries worldwide with a strong presence in the GCC, MENA and Asia
Published: 30 July 2018 - 6:24 a.m.
By: Jack Ball

What products do AMI produce that other manufactures overseas can’t match in terms of quality and standards applicable to the UAE?

The weather conditions in the Gulf region are quite unique. The summers are extreme and the products have to stand the climate. For this reason, the UAE has one of the strongest rules on product fire safety. Our brand, Dolphin, was the first brand to get the approval for our products from the Civil Defence. This has further increased the appeal of AMI products in the market. Especially in construction, our products are critical to the building, like glass, HVAC products, aluminium. Since we are a local company, we are well-versed with the climate and are able to tailor our products to their needs. While European brands may have greater quality, they fail to factor in the local conditions. For them the Middle East market is too small for a major product overhaul, they already have access to larger markets.

Additionally, the UAE has its own system of checks and balances that ensure absolute quality. We have regular inspection, stringent criteria, and standards that position our products on a par with global markets. The Dubai Accreditation Centre and Emirates Quality Mark are just some of the examples of standards that a UAE product is expected to adhere to.

From an AMI standpoint, what has the reception been like so far from other UAE businesses to 'Made in UAE'?

The response has been great, the local businesses are very keen on replacing imports with locally-produced products. Especially in construction and trading, the emphasis on local production will mean a decrease in investment for the businesses. They are now looking at local firms that have been approved by the government and are producing top quality products. For this reason, AMI products have been so well-received in the market. Our advantage lies in customizing the products to the local requirements. Our products cater to a niche and are easily available making it a viable alternative to expensive imports.

How do you plan to “spread the word” and help these other UAE businesses across the supply chain embrace 'Made in UAE'?

We definitely need more visibility for the 'Made in UAE' products on a global stage. We are constantly discussing with the government departments on the various ways in which we can promote the brand value of UAE. As a manufacturer, we are doing everything to promote our products. Already the tag of ‘Made in UAE’ carries expectations of excellence and is widely regarded internationally. We expect that more people will follow suit and will put in their efforts towards greater visibility.


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