Telematics integration drives sales of JCB Power Products

Published: 2 April 2019 - 1:30 p.m.
By: Dennis Daniel

JCB Power Products recorded a 30% increase in sales over the last three years, and sales of the QS range of generators has doubled in the last two years.

Adam Holland, managing director, JCB Power Products, says: “We’ve seen strong growth in 2018, and this year has started well. We have a strong outlook for the next five years, and therefore, we’re investing heavily in product development.”

Holland attributes this success to JCB’s worldwide dealer network, aftersales support and integration of JCB’s LiveLink telematics.

“The main reason our dealers are able to offer differentiated services is JCB’s LiveLink telematics and the real-time data available for customers to monitor the performance of their equipment. The QS range of generators have JCB LiveLink as a standard feature. Unlike earthmoving equipment which have operators, generators function in remote locations without operators, which makes it essential to have real-time information about the performance of generators. JCB LiveLink is also offered on our rental range, which again, is a strong factor influencing our rental customers’ first-time as well as repeat purchasing decisions,” says Holland.

“We’re seeing customers use JCB LiveLink to manage their assets in ways we didn’t anticipate. For example, one of our customers monitoring the fuel level of generators via JCB LiveLink noticed that the fuel level dropped quickly when a generator was switched off. By using data from JCB LiveLink, the customer was able to identify the source of the fuel theft and take legal action,” he adds.

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Adam Holland, managing director, JCB Power Products

JCB has also seen increasing demand for its RS rental-specification generators in the Middle East.
“We’re seeing significant demand for rental generators across the Middle East, driven by growth in several industries, particularly events, oil and gas and construction. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for the rental market; there are some applications where the QS range would be more suitable than the RS range. So, we have to be very conscious about the specific needs of our customers,” says Holland.

JCB Power Products has launched seven open set generators for the Middle East and Africa markets. The new models, which are part of JCB’s S range of generators, are powered by Volvo’s 7, 13 and 16 litre diesel engines and feature Mecc Alte alternators, Deep Sea Electronics (DSE) controllers and Schneider switchgear.

The generators are offered in both 50Hz and 60Hz frequencies, with a standby output of 275kVA to 770kVA at 50Hz and 375kVA to 750kVA standby power at 60Hz. To provide strength and durability, a robust base frame has been designed with a 110% capacity bund and a drop in fuel tank. To aid lifting and positioning, integrated fork pockets and lifting points have been fitted as standard.

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JCB’s open set generator powered by Volvo diesel engines.

JCB has also developed a range of automatic transfer panels (ATP) to support the delivery of reliable emergency back-up power. Adding to JCB’s current range from 25 amps through to 3150 amps, the ATP units automatically signal to a back-up generator to start on detection of a failure in mains power or a fluctuation in mains voltage or frequency. The ATP monitors both supplies and will manage the safe switching of critical loads onto the generator supply. The new range covers from 25 amps through to 400 amps, mirroring JCB’s QS range of 20kVA to 220kVA generators. Each panel is fully compatible with many other makes of generators equipped with a two-wire auto start system. Each ATP unit is housed in a heavy-duty IP35-rated electrical enclosure for increased personnel protection and protection against water ingress.

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