Putzmeister to launch new generation of truck-mounted concrete pumps and intelligent control system at bauma 2019

Published: 2 April 2019 - 2:30 p.m.
By: PMV Staff

Putzmeister will introduce a new generation of truck-mounted concrete pumps with improved safety and power, at bauma 2019. The new 51-5 truck-mounted concrete pump has been designed for demanding applications such as concrete pumping for multi-storey buildings and large foundations, enabled by a flexible TRDI support and compact five-arm placing boom with RZ folding.

The 51-5 replaces the well-established 49-5, providing increased horizontal reach and reduced oil consumption. The placing boom of the 51-5 is compact for a class 50-m machine.

Paul Bruns, regional director, Putzmeister Middle East, says: “This extremely robust machine is ideal for bore pile fillings thanks to the optional available ‘tremie arm,’ which replaces the standard fifth arm. The boom tip can handle extension tip loads of up to 700 kg, for example in order to fasten hoses measuring up to 20 metres long, regardless of their diameter.”

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Paul Bruns, regional director, Putzmeister Middle East.

All new machines come with a range of features, including the new Ergonic 2.0 control system and a new hydraulic system. The new models can be identified by their striking design with the new Putzmeister logo.
The Ergonic 2.0 control system manages all functions of pumps, mixers, placing booms and support. The central control system has numerous design enhancements for improved operator experience and flexibility by forming a link between the operator and the machine. One of the most significant changes in the Ergonic 2.0 is that the Ergonic graphic display has moved from the control box to the handheld radio remote control, allowing the operator to view the live screen while controlling the pump remotely. The new Ergonic graphic display radio remote control (EGD-RC) features a high-resolution all-in-one display with more intuitive controls and menu navigation. While the new remote is 30% lighter than the previous model, it is more durable and features an easy-to-clean, wear resistant body. Additionally, the single EGD-RC now acts as both the radio and cable remote.

The control system effectively supports the operator to make their machines ready for use quickly and ensure that the processes are carried out with high productivity, while generating less wear and saving fuel. This involves the use of a range of modules, depending on the application: EBC (Ergonic Boom Control), EPS (Ergonic Pump System), EOC (Ergonic Output Control), ESC (Ergonic Setup Control).

“The efficient Ergonic control system is the brain behind the pump. Efficiently controlling the engine, hydraulics and core pump using the newly developed Ergonic Output Control 2.0 (EOC) makes it possible to reduce operating costs. It enables users to easily and conveniently overcome any challenges they face in their day-to-day work on construction sites and achieve fuel savings of up to 25%,” says Paul.

“Our new generation of truck-mounted concrete pumps promises customers improvements in terms of efficiency, ease of operation and cost-effectiveness. When it comes to work, the 51-5 is a real heavyweight and still incredibly easy to operate with the Ergonic 2.0 control system and remote control. The fuel consumption of the hydraulic system is even lower, without compromising on power; additionally, parts can be replaced quickly and easily,” adds Paul.

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