Hyundai Construction Equipment develops autonomous forklift truck

Hyundai Construction Equipment develops autonomous forklift truck
Published: 6 April 2019 - 8 p.m.
By: PMV Staff

Hyundai Construction Equipment (HCE) has become the first Korean company to develop driverless autonomous forklift trucks, set to hit the market this month.

HCE's autonomous forklift can determine optimal routes and can be remotely controlled using a routing control system that HCE has developed. It also has onboard a vehicle control system that features 2D safety laser scanners that can perceive the surroundings of the vehicle and detect obstacles in the direction of the vehicle path to prevent contact with them.

Autonomous forklifts speed up productivity and logistical process with optimizing warehouse management.
They also reduce the risk of accidents on industrial spaces when they move along the planned path.

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HCE recently held a product launch event for its autonomous forklift, attended by about 100 guests.

With these benefits, autonomous forklifts can contribute to improving operational efficiency in warehouses where repetitive tasks are involved, small and narrow space or other industrial spaces where full day operations are required. They are particularly expected to fulfill the needs of manufacturing companies that have adopted smart factory environments which provide plant managers with remote access to equipment and machines.

HCE plans to complete by the end of this year the development of a battery control system for managing remaining voltage and a wireless charging system.

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