New façade system protects occupants from harsh weather conditions in Middle East

New façade system protects occupants from harsh weather conditions in Middle East
Published: 9 April 2019 - 3 p.m.

Sam Robinson, general manager, Technal Middle East, says that the growing number of high-rise buildings has motivated Technal to come up with a new façade system TIGAL that protects occupants from harsh weather conditions. In an interview with MEP Middle East, he said: “Technal’s TIGAL product is a sliding system made mainly for high-rise buildings’ sliding door requirements.”

The pull & slide system for buildings gives the highest protection against noise, promotes high thermal comfort and demonstrates the highest level of tightness to prevent dust, rain and any external threats due to ever-changing weather in the region, he added.

In addition, Technal is a brand of Hydro, and Hydro is one of the upstream aluminum producer in the world. Robinson said: “As a company, as Hydro, we set ourselves a target of net zero energy CO2 by 2022. To achieve that, last year, Hydro had established or found a new aluminum billet made out of end-of-life aluminium. That means, it is post-consumed aluminium windows. The scrap has been taken, and then you melt and make a billet. To reproduce that same aluminum into new windows. By doing that, we are reducing 50% of CO2 emissions compared to the new billet which all the windows are made of. This is the way I think we need to see how we can improve the environment by contributing the less CO2 emissions, and this is also better for future generations.”
According to Robinson, the first ongoing project of using 75% recycled billet is at KGOC headquarters in Kuwait. He said: “The Middle East market here is looking for sustainable energy solutions.”

Technal’s R&D department worked extensively to come up with this product, and it is getting quite popular especially in Europe.

However, Robinson debunks the myth that heavily glazed or glassed buildings will result in high energy consumption of MEP systems. That due to the heat from the sun, the air conditioning systems might need to work most of the time. He says: “It's a wrong perception. The right aluminium and glass product, which is really tested to all the weather conditions, could really bring down [the temperature]. We are working in a project in Dubai that has almost zero energy consumption. It is like self-generation of power, and it is full of glass. We can really help the end users to find a suitable product.”

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