Farnek breaks ground on $41m staff accommodation

Farnek breaks ground on $41m staff accommodation
Published: 18 February 2019 - 6:30 a.m.
By: Nikhil Pereira

Farnek has broken ground on its new $41m (AED150m) state-of-the-art staff accommodation in Dubai Investments Park.

The 9,300m2(100,000ft2) facility, which will become home to some 5,000 Farnek employees, will be completed by the summer of 2020.

The low-rise (basement, G+5) building will feature smart building technologies.

Farnek says its new staff accommodation will be the most energy, water and waste-efficient accommodation centre of its kind, not only in the UAE but throughout the region.

Markus Oberlin, CEO, Farnek said: “Through smart and sustainable design we hope to save at least 20% more than a conventional staff accommodation centre in energy and water savings. That could be worth up to AED3m a year.

“Designing a sustainable home for 5,000 people, will come with certain operational challenges, such as waste and sewage management. We have, hence, a mechanism in place that will reduce the volume of waste generated that would ordinarily go to landfill.”

Some of the other design highlights include solar panels on the roof of the building covering 150 m2, which will meet all hot water requirements.

Over 4,000 LED-lights are to be installed throughout, supplying 90% of the total amount of lighting required.

The low energy lighting system also works in tandem with occupancy sensors and photocells installed in the common areas such as the corridors and externally in the parking areas, to optimise the building’s energy-efficiency.

Further energy-efficient features include reflective glazing which reflects and absorbs the sun's rays, reflective exterior paint, wall and roof insulation, energy recovery ventilation and energy-efficient air-conditioning.

The facility’s 800 rooms will be managed by a bespoke software solution, so that new employees can be welcomed 24/7 at a dedicated reception lobby, sign in and be shown to their rooms in minutes.

Other features include, a prayer room, medical clinic, restaurant, library, gym, and a barber shop.

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“Connectivity is essential for staff welfare today, so free Wi-Fi will be made available to all staff throughout the entire complex,” said Oberlin.

The staff accommodation site will be located in close proximity to the Dubai South and the Dubai World Central airport.

Dubai South is said to invest AED1bn in the development of facilities and infrastructure with key focus on logistics in the next few years.

“Having up to 5,000 technicians just minutes away from the Expo 2020 site and DWC, will certainly afford us a competitive edge, in the short and longer term,” Oberlin added.


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