VIDEO: Expo 2020 Dubai's 'next level' Russia Pavilion revealed

VIDEO: Expo 2020 Dubai's 'next level' Russia Pavilion revealed
Expo 2020 Dubai's Russia Pavilion.
Published: 19 June 2019 - 1:25 a.m.
By: Neha Bhatia

Expo 2020 Dubai has revealed the design of its Russia Pavilion, a Mobility District structure that will "take visitors to the next level", according to a statement by the organisers of the next World Expo, which will open its doors in the UAE on 20 October, 2020.

Designed by architects Tchoban Speech and Simpateca Entertainment Group, Expo 2020 Dubai said Russia Pavilion would aim to help people "better understand each other despite our differences".

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A rendering of Expo 2020 Dubai's Russia Pavilion.

The structure will also seek to "connect people and minds without moving them physically".

In its statement, Expo 2020 Dubai added: "The Russia pavilion will help visitors to answer these questions and give them an insight into how the country sees the future.

"Showcasing Russia’s extensive knowledge in various fields, the pavilion will take visitors to the next level, where they will be able to experience the possibilities of tomorrow."

Russia was one of the countries that the UAE beat out to win hosting rights for Expo 2020 Dubai.

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