FM Awards 2019 sponsors: Platinum Sponsor Ejadah

FM Awards 2019 sponsors: Platinum Sponsor Ejadah
Published: 6 June 2019 - 6:16 a.m.
By: Nikhil Pereira

Idama, which is the facilities management arm of Ejadah, provides infrastructure services to multiple key clients in UAE. Currently managing services for approx 200km2 in Dubai.

“We are always being challenged in terms of service deliverables. Idama has invested in technical manpower, machineries, specialised anf robotics equipment to meet day to day requirements of infra operations.” Tarek Nizameddin, senior executive director Ejadah says.

Idama has currently started a dedicated learning and development programme for operatives that keeps technicians updated with real-time technology.

The firm is currently in the process setting up an asset condition monitoring control center that will give a ‘real time’ update on all field assets.

This is a unique feature in the region that will help the enhance asset lifecycle by applying condition based maintenance approach.

A few services offered by Idama include: pipeline inspection and CCTV for sewage /storm network; sewer and storm pipeline cleaning (using jetting machine, high pressure, eco-friendly combination tanker and vacuum machine); preventive and corrective maintenance of sewer/ storm / irrigation pumping stations; landscape and common area hardscape cleaning services; pole lighting system; plant supervision and management — STP; with a live asset condition monitoring system currently under development.

All kind of sewage and storm pipelines require preventive cleaning to avoid any blockage in network and scaling in pipelines.

Idama use ecofriendly double combination jetting trucks where complete jetting is done by waste water brining cost saving while enhancing efficiency, potable jetting machines are used in communities for better maneuverability of machines and faster cleaning.

The teams also undertake infrastructure cleaning services that includes road sweeping, pressure washing of interlocks, pressure washing of pole light cleaning. We have multiple numbers of high efficiency road sweeping machine which covers almost 59 km of street cleaning daily.

The innovative combined ‘twin action’ system road sweeper machine used by Idama has a central brush and two screw conveyors which operate simultaneously with suction operation to guarantee maximum efficiency in dirt collection, while mechanical action collects waste, suction action draws in even the finer dust.

With a working width of 1400mm, sweepers are suitable to clean urban areas, such as roads or parking spaces and industrial areas, such as metallurgy plants and cement factories; the twin action system allows operation even on bumpy road surfaces, since no rigid element is in contact with the ground. As a result tree roots or protruding manholes do not cause an issue during operation. Moreover the hydraulic support and the presence of the flaps, ensure a constant pressure on the ground for the brush independently of wear or the terrain, for maximum cleaning results.

Street light system maintenance
Street lights are installed to light public roads and access ways for traffic and pedestrian safety purposes. Major roads within the urban areas of the city are brightly lit, with less street lighting provided on minor urban roads and in rural areas. Idama teams undertake all kind of street light maintenance including light cleaning, pole pressure washing and ppm. The firm’s in-house team is currently managing pole light maintenance for all Dubai Property Group districts.

Water features, fountains and lake water quality maintenance
Idama infra teams are currently managing lakes surface cleaning in Dubai’s DPR district. They closely monitor the water quality and ensure it meets local regulation. Lake cleaning is done by dedicated lake cleaners who remove any floating algae or debris. The algae is then disposed at Dubai Municipality landfill sites. The lakes have an inbuilt aeration system which maintains optimum oxygen levels in the water. The lake is used as a reservoir for storm water runoff from the community.

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