Grundfos offers free pump checks for UAE organisations

Grundfos offers free pump checks for UAE organisations
Published: 20 March 2019 - 5:45 a.m.

Danish pump manufacturer Grundfos is offering organisations throughout the UAE a free ‘Energy Check’ to help root out inefficient water systems and promote water conservation.

The free check service encourages and enables sustainable management of water resources and aligns with UAE authorities focus on conservation programmes.

Tolga Candan, business development manager, Energy Optimisation and Retrofit at Grundfos, said: “The UAE has some of the highest water consumption rates in the world. On average, the national per capita water consumption rate in the Emirates, including personal, residential, commercial and agriculture, is 550 litres per day as compared to 170-300 litres internationally.

“One of the biggest current challenges for our manufacturing, farming and processing sectors lies in widespread old and inefficient pumping networks. These currently use up to 60% more energy and produce 30% more CO2pollution than today’s high efficiency alternatives. Much can be done to reduce that figure by utilizing the latest technology to make pumping equipment as efficient as possible and cut down wastage.”

Grundfos says householders too can do much to reduce consumption of water and energy. The company has leveraged a technology in its SCALA2 and CMBE pumps to maintain constant water pressure while only pumping the water needed to feed open taps and outlets. “This improves user comfort and significantly impacts energy bills,” explained Candan.

The Scala2 pump includes a special algorithm that investigates frequent pump stop and start activity and switches off the pump when it detects leaks, preventing huge water wastage and inflated bills.

Grundfos’ has also pioneered hot water recirculation pump technology making hot water available almost as soon as the tap is turned on. The purpose-designed COMFORT PM cuts the wait for hot water to just a few seconds.

“These pumps are much more convenient, saving time and waste water, and run on as little as 50-60 W of energy each day,” said Candan.

“Standard hot water systems can be major cause of water wastage in homes,” explained Candan. “In single family homes, we lose up to 15% of water waiting for it to run hot – and this can rise to 25% in larger residential buildings. This adds up to 60-70 litres per day for the average family. Across the UAE an estimated 200 million litres of water is wasted by its residents annually just waiting for the tap to run hot.”

The company is also recommending pressure management in water distribution networks, where excessive pressure can cause water leakage and damage to pipes. Candan said: “The smart answer lies in Demand Driven Distribution – solutions that reduce the overall pressure within the networks, cutting energy consumption and operational costs, while minimizing water losses and associated maintenance costs.”

“World Water Day is a reminder that we need to focus heavily on the issues of water and energy,” said Candan. “Grundfos is closely aligned with the UN Sustainability Development Goals and our Energy Check service demonstrates our intention of helping households cut water wastage and energy costs and commercial users build more efficient systems and processes.”

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